We all come home craving for a comfort after a long day of sitting on uncomfortable chairs. Modhem believes comfort can't be compromised in our modern lives. In terms of sofa experience we can define comfort under two topics:

1- Seating softness:

Modhem promises a lifelong softness thanks to its high quality materials. 35 DNS high resilience premium soft foam, 300 gr fiber cover and steel zig zag spring system provides a premium softness. If we used lower quality foam or inferior base systems you would easily feel the compromise in a year. Modhem comfort will be good for you spine and you will feel it for many years.

2- Seating dimensions:

The ideal ergonomics of a seating depends on body measurements. Modhem sofas have a seating height of 45 m and seating depth of 57 cm. These seating measurements provide an easy reclining and possibility of a firm seating with an extra back cushion.