As Modhem we have a free 30 day return policy and a 5 year material guarantee. These are only doable thanks to high quality standards of our designs. Why does Modhem have a superior quality?

1- Frame:

Modhem sofas have twice more durability compared to regular sofas thanks to its frame per module design. A 3 seater Modhem has 3 frames and 8 legs, it is very hard to destruct. Each module/frame is connected to each other from 5 points and in 3 axes.

2- Material:

We tried to pick the best materials in order to provide a lifelong comfort. 35 DNS high density soft foam provides softness for many years. You will not observe your Modhem sofa collapsing throughout years. This durability is supported by the frame base, as well. We use steel zig zag springs at the base in order to keep the comfort standards. Our fabric is tested under extreme conditions and provided outstanding results (70.000 martindale and 5 from pilling test, both considered to be extreme rates).

3- Technology:

Each material we use for Modhem (fabric, frame, foam, connection parts) are cut through CNC machines. That means all of our designs are extremely precise! You can use your Modhem for years, then add new modules to your Modhem just like in its first days.